The Frio Store - Frequently Asked Questions

The Frio Store
The Frio Store

  • Does the river flow in a circle?
  • Where do I drop off and Pick up?
     - The drop off points are at the KA Crossing (pick up at Neal's bridge 83)
     - Seven Bluff (Pick up at KA crossing or Neal's Bridge)
     - Magers crossing – You cannot get out until 7bluff! This could be a 4 or 7 hour float! PLEASE ask before you choose this route.
     - Happy Hollow has maps of the in / out points in this area
  • Are there any dangerous areas? YES – Please look for signage in the trees and get out and walk around all dangerous crossings and waterfalls. There is a crossing between Seven Bluff and KA (about 30 min in to your float) and the Spence falls (about 1-1.5 hours into your float to Neal's to from KA) Watch for debris that may have moved after a flood.
  • Should I tie my tube to my ice chest or other tubers? NO. You can get tangled up and get yourself into a dangerous situation. If you use ropes, be sure you can let go as needed.
  • Where can I park if I ride up with The Frio Store?  You can park along River Road for free, or pay to park in the lot at the crossing and we will pick you up there. During the week there may be some extra parking located behind our store.
  • When is it too high to float? Ask your outfitter but we generally rent tubes at 500 cfs. If you are unsure or uncomfortable, please wear a life jacket or enjoy your afternoon sitting in the water people watching.
  • What can I take down the river? Everything LEGAL is acceptable EXCEPT GLASS bottles! Please take your trash with you. There are river bags available at local stores and at all entry points.
  • How long is the float? It depends on the river flow. A “normal” float is usually about 1.5-2 hours from 7bluff to KA and 2-2.5 hours to Neal's bridge.
  • What kind of fish are in the river? We have bass, catfish, perch, minnows and during the winter months we have trout.
  • Can I fish? You can fish in the river with a valid Texas Hunting and Fishing License. However, you cannot fish from private land. You MUST stay in the river.
  • Is the Frio River Private? The river may only be accessed from public access points, and all river banks are private property. Accessing the riverbanks is only legal in the event of portaging canoes or scouting for obstructions. As stated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which manages navigable rivers in Texas: "Senate Bill (S.B.) 155 strikes a balance between the navigation right and private property interests by providing that portaging or scouting obstructions do not create a prescriptive easement over any private property so used. Thus, under S.B. 155, if private riverside property is used to portage or scout obstructions, the landowner does not bear any risk of permanent loss of a property interest. Should it become unnecessary to use that particular riverside property to portage or scout obstructions (for example, because the river changes course), the public right of use disappears."[3]

The Frio Store